Aligned efforts to drive change.


Aligned efforts to drive change

Panorama catalyzes coalitions of cross-sectors take holders under shared visions of impact. We provide and power secretariats to quickly convene partners, effectively coordinate information, and broadly activate action on a range of pressing global issues. Bound only by shared visions, these loose partnerships flex and adapt to changing landscapes in real-time.

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Panorama’s networks

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Image-Based Sexual Abuse Initiative

A new initiative designed to elevate, accelerate, and unify the global response to the nonconsensual creation and distribution of intimate imagery.

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Pandemic Action Network

Pandemic Action Network drives collective action to bring an end to the COVID-19 crisis and to ensure the world is prepared for the next pandemic. Over 250 multi-sector organizations have aligned in a belief that every effort made in the fight against COVID-19 should leave a long-term legacy — one where humanity is prepared to deal with outbreaks and prevent a deadly pandemic from happening again.


Making out-of-the-box connections to power progress

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Some of the networks powered by Panorama

Our approach

Our work is built on flexible, honest, and action-oriented partnership with changemakers from every sector – because we know that change can come from anywhere.

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Our expertise

Our team includes experts in the functional skills needed to power social change, from back-end finance and operations to external communications and stakeholder engagement.

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We have loved working with Panorama Global and believe it is a huge reason we bat well above our weight in terms of mission.
Community Health Impact Coalition
Your vision

Your vision.

Our Platform

Our platform.