Collaborative Learning from Impact Philanthropy

Sharing sector-wide learnings on the transformative effect of impact philanthropy.

A new initiative encompassing research, peer learning, and knowledge sharing

The Collaborative Learning from Impact Philanthropy initiative encompasses research, peer learning and knowledge sharing, with a goal of informing and educating both the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors about best practices in making and managing large grants.

Panorama’s work on this initiative to date includes:

  • An analysis of MacKenzie Scott's unprecedented giving over the past two years that shows the sectors, issues, and geographies of grant recipients.
  • Two inaugural learning communities designed to facilitate connections and peer-to-peer learning among select organizations that have received these big-bet grants.
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Our hope is that this initiative inspires and educates leaders from the philanthropic and social sectors on how to dream big and identify pathways to accelerate the pace of social change, in order to have a more profound impact on the most pressing issues facing people and the planet.
Gabrielle Fitzgerald, Founder and CEO, Panorama


MacKenzie Scott's transformational giving

Panorama analyzed MacKenzie Scott’s giving and has created an infographic depicting the diversity, geography, and reach of Scott's impact philanthropy.

Scott’s giving has not only been transformational for many of the recipient organizations, but the large volume of grants and their concentration in certain issue areas have the potential to be transformational for key sectors as well.

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infographic: MacKenzie Scott donated over $12.4 billion in under two years.
Making and Managing Windfall Gifts
Key takeaways for philanthropists from Global Development organizations that received MacKenzie Scott grants

Learning cohorts

Facilitating peer-to-peer learning

Over the next year, Panorama will partner with a sub-set of organizations that received gifts from Scott to facilitate connections and peer-to-peer learning as they navigate the opportunities and challenges that result from receiving major philanthropic big bets.

The inaugural cohort themes will focus on global development and race & equity organizations.

We look forward to synthesizing cohort learnings and reflections for public knowledge sharing later this year.

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What is "Impact Philanthropy?"

MacKenzie Scott’s incredible $12b+ in donations since July 2020 are at the forefront of what's been called "impact philanthropy," an approach that focuses on achieving social impact, scaling up effective solutions, and fostering sustainability. These gifts are enabling what was already impactful work in the social sector to turbocharge over two dozen issue areas. The volume, speed, and breadth of Scott’s gifts demonstrates the power of philanthropy to transform.

The unprecedented scale of unrestricted funding raises a number of questions about how best to turn these investments into impact. These organizations are now finding themselves with the exciting challenge of figuring out how to spend this money strategically, plan for the future, scale their operations efficiently, maximize this opportunity, and grow their impact.

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This initiative is funded in part by Skoll Foundation and others.

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