Collaborative Learning for Impact Philanthropy

Analyzing and sharing sector-wide learnings on the transformative effect of impact philanthropy.

Shifting norms and practices in the philanthropic sector

Through research and analysis, peer learning, and actionable tools and resources, the Collaborative Learning for Impact Philanthropy initiative ensures that the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors are equipped to make and manage windfall grants.

Learning Communities

Facilitating connections and peer-to-peer learning among select organizations that have received big-bet grants from MacKenzie Scott and are navigating the opportunities and challenges of receiving an unprecedented influx of funding.

Learning community cohorts include organizations focused on:

  • Global Development
  • Racial Justice and Equity
  • Collaborative Funds
  • Nonprofit Infrastructure and Philanthropy Serving Institutions


Our events provide a platform for nonprofit leaders to share best practices, innovative ideas, and collective wisdom gained as grant recipients of large, multi-year unrestricted funding. These gatherings bridge the gap between nonprofits and philanthropists, facilitate open and honest discussions, and enable candid feedback on the realities of philanthropic giving.

Accelerating Impact:

How Social Entrepreneurs are Managing Windfall Gifts

On April 13th, 2023, Panorama Global, Chandler Foundation, and Co-Impact hosted a Skoll World Forum Ecosystem Event for leaders to share their real-time experiences navigating the opportunities and challenges of managing funding.
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Our hope is that this initiative inspires and educates leaders from the philanthropic and social sectors on how to dream big and identify pathways to accelerate the pace of social change, in order to have a more profound impact on the most pressing issues facing people and the planet.
Gabrielle Fitzgerald, Founder and CEO, Panorama

Interested in joining a peer learning community?

If your organization has received a large, unrestricted gift and you would like to join a future peer learning community, let us know!  

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What is "Impact Philanthropy?"

MacKenzie Scott’s incredible $14b+ in donations since July 2020 are at the forefront of what's been called "impact philanthropy," an approach that focuses on achieving social impact, scaling up effective solutions, and fostering sustainability. These gifts are enabling what was already impactful work in the social sector to turbocharge over two dozen issue areas. The volume, speed, and breadth of Scott’s gifts demonstrates the power of philanthropy to transform.

The unprecedented scale of unrestricted funding raises a number of questions about how best to turn these investments into impact. These organizations are now finding themselves with the exciting challenge of figuring out how to spend this money strategically, plan for the future, scale their operations efficiently, maximize this opportunity, and grow their impact.

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This initiative is funded in part by Skoll Foundation, Hilton Foundation, Ford Foundation, and others.

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