Pandemic Action Network


Pandemic Action Network

The Pandemic Action Network drives collective action to end the COVID-19 crisis and ensure the world is prepared for the next pandemic.

Together, we can end this pandemic and prevent the next

The challenge of pandemic preparedness and response demands collective global action and action requires advocates. We believe that every effort we make in the fight against COVID-19 should leave a longer-term legacy that better prepares humanity to deal with outbreaks and help prevent another deadly and costly pandemic from happening again. The challenges are too big and too many for any single stakeholder or sector, but together we will stay in the fight to end this crisis for everyone and prevent the next.

How are we addressing this?

Years before the current pandemic, a group of advocates began convening regularly to develop and execute a unified policy and advocacy strategy around this important issue. When COVID-19 hit, this informal working group quickly formed what is now the Pandemic Action Network. Co-founded by Panorama’s CEO, the Network’s mission is to drive collective action to bring an end to COVID-19 and ensure the world is better prepared for emerging pandemic threats. The Network coordinates actions, translates learnings and insights into clear messaging, provides expert policy, advocacy, and communications recommendations, and develops and shares timely resources to fuel collective action and hold decision-makers accountable.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the collaborative power of the Network has been validated again and again, from advocating for equitable response and access to reshaping the global health security architecture and promoting evidence-based interventions through behavior change communications.


Join us to help respond to COVID-19 and prepare for future pandemics

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No single stakeholder or sector can tackle pandemic preparedness and response alone.

Pandemic Action Network catalyzes actions, fills gaps, works collaboratively, translates learnings and insights into clear messaging, and provides expert policy, advocacy, and communications recommendations — all with a focus on advancing pandemic preparedness and ending the COVID-19 crisis for everyone around the world.
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