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January 1, 2022

Infographic: Analysis of MacKenzie Scott’s Transformational Giving

View the infographic
View the infographic

View the infographic

The first product of Panorama's Collaborative Learning from Impact Philanthropy initiative is an infographic sharing the results of an in-depth review and analysis of Scott’s giving, which shows the sectors, issues, and geographies that were the beneficiaries of the 1,251 grants that Scott announced via four Medium posts over the past two years. The research illuminates the diversity, intersectionality, and geography of the funded sectors and issues, and thus, the reach of the windfall gifts.

Read how we conducted this analysis.

Over the past two years, MacKenzie Scott’s philanthropy has been inspiring, empowering, and transformational for over a thousand organizations. Her approach to giving has embodied elements of a “trust-based philanthropy” approach, with unrestricted funding and multi-year gifts.

These gifts are enabling what was already impactful work in the social sector to turbocharge over two dozen issue areas. The volume, speed, and breadth of this type of impact philanthropy demonstrates the power of philanthropy to transform.

This infographic is funded, in part, by The Skoll Foundation.

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