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October 4, 2023

Applying for The Type 1 Diabetes Community Fund: Answering common questions

The Type 1 Diabetes Community Fund is accepting applications until October 30, 2023. Below, we share answers to the most common questions from interested applicants. For any outstanding questions, please send us an email.

Q: Are international NGOs eligible to apply if they have a country office situated in the region where the proposed grant activities will take place?

Yes, international NGOs can apply for a grant if their country office is located in one of our eligible countries and is actively engaged in deploying a community-based approach, which involves employing community staff to benefit local community members.  

Q: Our organization currently provides a range of programs related to diabetes care and management. For this funding opportunity, we intend to propose a project with a special focus on type 1 diabetes, although beneficiaries will include those living with type 2 and gestational diabetes. Does this approach align with the eligibility criteria?  

Yes. While it’s not required for type 1 diabetes to be the primary focus of applicant organization, it’s essential to note that funding from The T1D Community Fund must be exclusively allocated to support type 1 diabetes programming. Competitive proposals should clearly demonstrate how the proposed funding will directly contribute to specific type 1 diabetes-related initiatives.

Q: Are academic and governmental research universities eligible to apply?

Only non-governmental organizations and charities are eligible to apply for this funding opportunity. Read the full eligibility requirements.  

Q: Will requests for technology and capital improvements, such as the installation of sustainable renewable energy facilities or health management information systems be considered?

Yes, these requests are eligible. To be competitive, you will need to clearly demonstrate how the requested funding will directly benefit individuals living with type 1 diabetes and their families.  

Q: Is the allocated yearly amount $40,000 per year or $40,000 for two years maximum?  

Anticipated awards will range from USD$10,000 to USD$40,000 each year (for up to two years).

Q: Is there information about the first round of grantee partners available?

Yes, learn more about the 16 organizations selected as the first cohort of The Type 1 Diabetes Community Fund grantee partners in this Q&A series.  

Q: May a consortium of organizations apply together?

Yes, a consortium of organizations is welcome to submit a joint application. All participating organizations must meet the eligibility criteria outlined in our Request for Proposals and the proposed work must clearly benefit type 1 diabetes patients and their families.

Q: What’s the application and awarding timeline?

Applications will be accepted via our online form until October 30, 2023. All proposals will be reviewed once the application window closes and applicants can expect notifications in early 2024.  

About The T1D Community Fund‍

The T1D Community Fund supports community-based organizations working to improve the lives of people living with Type 1 diabetes in low- and middle-income countries. It is powered by Panorama Global—a social impact nonprofit that empowers changemakers through radical collaboration—with seed funding from The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust.

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