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July 18, 2023

Launching The Reclaim Coalition in partnership with survivors, advocates, and policymakers

Photo by Vita Di Nina: The welcome sign at The Reclaim Coalition launch event

Panorama Global, in partnership with Bumble, recently launched The Reclaim Coalition to End Online Image-Based Sexual Violence at a private reception in Washington D.C. with survivors, civil society leaders, tech for good advocates, and policymakers, including U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar and former U.S. Rep. Katie Hill, in attendance.

The Reclaim Coalition is a global, survivor-centered movement working to transform the systems and cultures that enable online sexual violence in order to reach a vision of a world where all may be freely and safely online – without the threat of image-based sexual violence.

Photo by Vita Di Nina: The speakers who delivered remarks at the launch of The Reclaim Coalition. From left, Andrea Powell, Director of The Reclaim Coalition secretariat, former Rep. Katie Hill, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, survivor-advocates Leah Juliett and Matthew Herrick, and Payton Iheme, VP of Global Public Policy at Bumble.

Turning pain into power

The private event offered a vibrant demonstration of the power of survivor voices and the importance of The Reclaim Coalition's commitment to centering them in high-level policy discussions. Presenters with lived experience spoke passionately of the need for the Coalition and its unifying role in amplifying survivors’ voices in the movement for justice and healing.  

“We are turning our pain into power and contributing from a lived experience speak our truth and give guidance to those who have the ability to change a broken system. This is just the beginning of our greatness at The Reclaim Coalition.” – Matthew Herrick, lived experience expert.

Senator Klobuchar offered her commitment and spoke to her demonstrated leadership on this issue, highlighting the need for effective legislation. “One in 12 adults reported having had their intimate pictures shared against their will and 82% of victims of private image abuse report suffering significant impacts on their lives," Senator Klobuchar said. "…Our view is that the justice department does not have the legal tools to crack down as they should on these crimes.”

Photo by Vita Di Nina: U.S. Senator Amy Kobuchar delivers remarks at The Reclaim Coalition launch event

Former U.S. Representative Katie Hill also shared her lived experience, illustrating how women in positions of power are at higher risk of experiencing image-based sexual violence.  

“...Naked photos of me, taken without my knowledge or consent, were published by my political opponents and seen by millions of people around the world," Former Rep. Hill said. "…I knew the photos would only stop if I resigned and so I did. It sent a harsh message to young women that if you stand up to lead, you can be cut down and silenced in the most humiliating way possible.”

In addition to remarks from speakers, the event featured a preview of ANOTHER BODY, a documentary film illustrating the devastating effects that nonconsensual intimate imagery has on victims and how support can help them reclaim their voices, faces, and lives. Remarks closed with a powerful spoken word performance by Leah Juliett, poet, activist, and survivor.  

“We today, in this room, have the power to take away pain; take away anguish with action: Use our seats at the table as armor for the weapons they will hold against us” – Leah Juliett from their poem 'Russian Doll'

Photo by Vita di Nina: Andrea Powell (Panorama) and Leah Juliett embrace after Leah's performance of their poem 'Russian Doll'

The path forward

Above all, the launch event was a momentous celebration of all the different advocates, policymakers, and stakeholders coming together under The Reclaim Coalition. Together we will raise awareness of the prevalence and harms of image-based sexual violence, amplify advocacy efforts for stronger legal protections for survivors, and elevate lived experience leadership to advance survivor-informed solutions. 

The launch marks the culmination of the fact-finding, dot-connecting, and trust-building groundwork for The Reclaim Coalition's future success and set an optimistic, energized tone infused by survivor leadership for the next phase of collective action and partnership.

“Our role as funder and thought partner to Panorama Global and The Reclaim Coalition is to support the survivors, thought leaders, and advocates in this room, but also the policymakers who are the ones who are going to get this work over the finish line… that is why we are standing here as a tech company, as a woman-founded and woman-led company…We are here specifically to lift up this work and we are so proud of it.” – Payton Iheme, Bumble’s Vice President of Global Public Policy.

With The Reclaim Coalition formally launched, our collective vision will inform the path forward – towards a world where everyone may be freely and safely online without the threat of image-based sexual violence. 

Photo by Vita Di Nina: A group of Lived Experience Experts with Panorama staff, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, and Bumble staff at The Reclaim Coalition launch event

Stay informed

To learn more about The Reclaim Coalition, visit the website and download our global landscape analysis report. You can also stay tuned for more information about the Coalition's upcoming work by signing up for our email list.

About The Reclaim Coalition to End Online Image-based Sexual Violence

The Reclaim Coalition, powered by Panorama Global with seed funding from The Greenbaum Foundation, the Jensen Project, and Bumble, inc., is a global, survivor-centered movement working across sectors to end image-based sexual violence in all its forms.

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