The Resolve Fund
The Resolve Fund channels catalytic and rapid philanthropic investments towards frontline organizations addressing the impacts of gun violence.

Accelerating community-based gun violence prevention and intervention efforts

The Resolve Fund is a force multiplier, closing a gap in tangible reductions in gun violence.

It is the first pooled donor fund that is focused primarily on resourcing local community-based gun violence intervention and public safety works happening across the country.

Gun violence is a national critical issue with a wide array of challenges that need to be addressed, but much of the work can and is happening at the community level, where many community-based organizations are already making out-sized impact despite small operating budgets. In order to reach their fullest potential, these local organizations will greatly benefit from multi-year support funding that strengthens their organizational stability and expands their programmatic capacity. Community-based organizations know their community and its challenges, and are able to support and respond based on immediate and long-term needs.

What role will The Resolve Fund play?

Panorama’s catalytic funds offer efficient, effective, and coordinated mechanisms for philanthropic institutions, major donors, and the private sector to pool resources, reduce fragmentation, and quickly disburse urgently needed resources nationwide.

Applying principles of trust-based philanthropy, The Resolve Fund will mobilize resources to support organizations in the field to ramp up their work during the summer months of June to September when violence typically increases, and support long-term needs over the next three to five years.

Programmatic Framework

The Resolve Fund has been designed to focus on specific areas and to co-exist alongside other philanthropic efforts addressing gun violence. As a complement to other funding efforts focused on policy advocacy and reform, movement building, communications, and data and research, we are supporting gun violence intervention and prevention through three areas.

Across the three areas, the Fund anticipates having up to 100 grantee partners working on community-based public safety, prevention and education, and youth mental health.

1. Community-based public safety

Guided by a racial equity framework, the major focus of The Resolve Fund will be to drive resources to support BIPOC-led local community-based gun violence organizations working throughout the U.S. As a complementary approach to policing, community-based public safety reduces violence without incurring the collateral damage of arrest and incarceration. This approach trains non-traditional leaders with lived experience in conflict resolution, mediation, and de-escalation strategies to intervene, prevent, and treat violence as a public health issue.

2. Prevention and education

This area is designed to empower youth, adults, and communities to prevent gun violence before it happens through learning warning signs and accessing anonymous reporting systems. These efforts also include youth empowerment, as well as outreach and intervention strategies focused on high-risk individuals. The Fund will also support several national organizations that work in this area.

3. Mental health resources and support

The Fund will make grants to organizations and initiatives addressing youth mental health, particularly in relation to school shootings and threats. In this area, we've set a goal of supporting approximately 30 organizations focused on youth mental health.

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