Xenia Evangeloulis

People Experience Coordinator
Xenia Evangeloulis

Xenia Evangeloulis is the People Experience Coordinator for the People & Culture team. In this role, Xenia works with her team members to ensure PACTs systems & processes are operating effectively, as well as serving as a welcoming face to new hires onboarding. As a previous intern, who has witnessed the team grow, she has had the pleasure of learning from all her skilled colleagues about the multitude of HR functions the team oversees.

Xenia was born in Athens, Greece but predominantly grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, making her interested in understanding other people and cultures from a young age. Eventually, this curiosity carried over to the workplace as she began working in New Orleans. Recently, she graduated from the George Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Sciences with double minors in Statistics & Psychology.

At her heart, Xenia is a creative. In her free time, you can find her doing pottery, screen printing, baking sourdough loaves, or discovering new music. She also loves any chance to explore outdoors, especially if her orange cat can come along!

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