Sadie Blake

Accounts Payable Administrator
Sadie Blake

Sadie joined Panorama in 2019 as an all-purpose Operations Coordinator, and has been thrilled to watch the organization and its team grow over the years. She considers herself a repository of Esoteric Panorama Knowledge - which she'll tell anyone who will listen.

Before landing at Panorama, Sadie spent a couple of decades in a wide variety of service roles—filling in gaps wherever there was a need. Building a career through a myriad of demanding customer-facing positions made her an expert not only at solving the immediate problem, but digging into root causes to make a lasting impact. She's thrilled to see this mindset mirrored in Panorama's work.

Sadie lives in Colorado with her two cats, Janet (not a robot) and Eleanor (still learning about ethics). Her favorite non-work project was the two years she spent learning to edit audio and arrange music to turn her weekly Dungeons & Dragons game into a podcast. Yes, she's that kind of nerd.

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