January 22, 2019

Looking to the Future: Schultz Family Foundation 100,000 Opportunities Initiative Review

Panorama was asked by the Schultz Family Foundation to conduct an independent review of the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative to help the Initiative to advance to its next phase.

Panorama gathered background information and conducted interviews with relevant stakeholders, including Initiative staff, employer partners, community partners, and thought leaders in workforce development to understand 100K’s progress to date and suggestions for charting its future.

Through this process, key themes emerged that will help to guide and shape the Initiative’s next steps:

100K quickly created a powerful movement that has brought national attention to the importance and value of hiring opportunity youth.Both nationally, as well as in the communities where 100K has focused its efforts, a first-of-its-kind network of employer and community partners is driving progress on this issue.

To build on this success, now is the optimal time to refine strategic goals, realign how partners work together, and retool the delivery of services, with the goal of continuing to expand the number of opportunity youth who are hired and retained by coalition members.

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