May 1, 2018

Conversations on Planetary Health: Global Policy Opportunities for Planetary Health

To help move planetary health from nascent concept to action, the planetary health community is considering how the concept can be translated into a decision-making framework to help global and national policymakers enact policies that balance and sustain the health of people and the planet.

To support the planetary health community’s efforts, Panorama undertook a review of existing global policy frameworks to:

  1. Assess the alignment of existing global policy frameworks with the concept of planetary health; and
  2. Identify the most immediate opportunities, within those aligned frameworks, to engage with government decision makers on health and environment.

By applying these two learnings, the planetary health community has an opportunity to position the concept of planetary health as a pathway to achieve existing goals, rather than starting from scratch or presenting a competing agenda. This will help the concept resonate and gain credibility withpolicymakers, hopefully leading to greater and quicker uptake of the concept.

The findings of our assessment are laid out in the following report.

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