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April 4, 2022

Powering Change: Panorama's 2021 Global Action Report

View the report
View the report

Our purpose always has been, and will continue to be, collaborating with others to solve major problems impeding whole populations from living life to its fullest.

To see examples of how we’ve done that to-date, and understand how we’re thinking about Panorama’s role in the social change ecosystem going forward, view our new Global Action Report .

We are proud to share our second report with case studies of how we’re working with partners to tackle a wide range of pressing and complex issues:

  • pandemic preparedness and response
  • adolescent mental health care
  • gender parity in politics
  • resource mobilization in support of community health workers in Africa
  • harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  • gendered disinformation’s impact on democracy

We also shared more information on two new areas of work on the horizon for Panorama: image-based abuse, and multi-year grantmaking learning communities.

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