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October 26, 2023

Voices from the Field: Featuring Panorama Global - Women Moving Millions

Women Moving Millions invited Panorama Global to share more about our work on the issue of image-based sexual violence.

In this interview, Andrea Powell, Director of The Reclaim Coalition secretariat at Panorama, and Brad Myles, Senior Innovation Advisor at Panorama, explain the urgency of the issue, why Panorama is the right place to incubate this type of catalytic, early-stage work, and describe how The Reclaim Coalition to End Online Image-based Sexual Violence is strengthening the field and accelerating the global response to this urgent issue.

One of Panorama’s strengths is drawing attention to new and emerging issue areas and serving as an issue catalyst for topics that we believe would benefit from increased attention, funding, political will, and field-building. We believe that change happens when the right group of stakeholders comes together to collectively determine that a problem needs to be solved, but it is only when we work together that real change can take hold. In our analysis, image-based sexual violence (IBSV) is an issue ripe for progress and ready for a significant influx of resources and targeted action.

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