The next phase of Panorama
April 6, 2022

The next phase of Panorama

At Panorama’s five-year mark, we’re continuing to dedicate our energy and resources to filling gaps in the social change ecosystem to accelerate the pace of progress. To that end, we’re excited to share that we have expanded the tools in our toolkit.

This note from our Founder & CEO was originally published in Panorama's 2021 Global Action Report.


The events of the last two years have been a daily reminder of the many facets of inequity in the world today. But periods of upheaval and disruption have historically opened up new pathways for transformational social change.  

This is a moment of opportunity, and Panorama is built to help accelerate this change.

Panorama’s purpose is to collaborate in solving major problems impeding whole populations from living life to its fullest.  

We are grantmakers, strategists, fiscal sponsors, coalition-builders, resource mobilizers, donors, issue catalysts, dot connectors, thought partners, thought leaders, and more. We meet our partners where we can be of most help, filling gaps in the social change ecosystem to accelerate the pace of change. To that end, we have been busy expanding the tools in our toolkit.  

The Panorama Group will host our community of social impact organizations: Panorama Global is our 501(c)(3) social impact organization, Panorama Strategy is our social purpose consultancy, and our latest addition is Panorama Action, a 501(c)(4) organization, that will engage in advocacy, policy development, and lobbying.  

Through this community of organizations, Panorama provides a suite of resources, tools, and services to accelerate, catalyze, and empower a wide range of missions. This next stage of Panorama’s growth will focus on helping drive and scale efficiencies in the social impact sector, making it more effective and responsive to the myriad challenges facing our world today. 

Panorama’s dynamic platform is perfectly suited for this. We can widely share what we’ve learned with our many partners to help organizations get to impact, faster. With five years of experience under our belt, we are now compiling and curating everything we’ve learned to help changemakers address pressing needs more strategically and efficiently.

I believe that a healthy and productive world is possible. We at Panorama will continue building our toolkit, thinking creatively, and scaling our efforts until we get there.

Gabrielle Fitzgerald

Founder & CEO
Panorama Group

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