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April 18, 2024

Panorama Gives Back: 2023 Reflections, 2024 Outlook

At Panorama, social impact is in our DNA. Our programs and partnerships bridge changemakers and communities, while we support causes important to our employees through time and charitable giving. Panorama Gives Back (PGB), an employee-led charitable giving and volunteer program, helps employees live out Panorama’s values and mission.  

Each year, the PGB committee selects a theme for giving, with our organizational giving guided by employee recommendations. Below, we share the 2023 theme, highlight donation recipients, and preview the 2024 theme for Panorama's year-end giving.

Supporting Healing Justice and Transformative Leadership in 2023

In 2023, Panorama donated to six incredible organizations aligned with the theme, empower social change makers to engage in transformational leadership by supporting healing justice practices. These organizations include:

Healing justice refers to community-aligned practices that center care, safety, and well-being, especially in response to patterns of systemic abuse and generational trauma and violence. Integrating healing justice practices builds resiliency and sustains social changemakers in their work to build movements, shift power, and transform society.

These organizations embody this theme by integrating healing justice in their everyday work and by acknowledging the importance of the practice in training and supporting the leaders of their organizations.  

CHOOSE 180, a Washington state nonprofit, shared their work in partnering with systems and community leaders to transform juvenile justice through the power of choice.

How does CHOOSE 180 incorporate and/or practice transformative leadership and healing justice as part of your work and programming?

Healing justice is at the core of our mission, programs, and values. We work to break the cycle of trauma and oppressive systems, and instead focus on healing, restoration, and possibility. We believe that young people are possibilities to be developed, not problems to be solved. If we work together to support young people, especially those most impacted by harmful systems such as the criminal legal system and school-to-prison pipeline, we will create a healthier and safer community for everyone. By improving the material conditions of our communities and making sure all young people have access to the resources they need, they will have the opportunity to grow and thrive.  

Our team consists of diverse, transformative leaders and the majority have lived experience similar to what our participants face. Since we have experience on both sides of the system, this uniquely positions us to identify root causes, advocate for system changes, and turn ideas into action in support of the young people we serve.  

What are you most proud of from 2023 and what are you looking forward to in 2024?

[In 2023], we facilitated over 100 court diversion workshops for young adults ages 18-25. Instead of a courtroom, the young people had the opportunity to get access to resources, participate in mental health programs, build relationships with mentors, and set goals for a positive future. We served students in 10 middle and high schools in the Highline and Seattle Public school systems through our School-Based Diversion program.  

Our team supports young people to stay engaged in school through listening and identifying needs, setting goals, building relationships, and providing tools to strengthen communication and conflict resolution skills. We also launched a new website with Spanish translation, accessibility features, and more comprehensive content to enable more community members to access and learn about our mission and program offerings. Read more about CHOOSE 180’s impact in the 2023 Annual Report.

In January 2024, CHOOSE 180 welcomed a new Executive Director, Nneka Payne. The team is looking forward to her leadership and vision. We’re focusing on the theme of “activation through education” through our communications channels and events. This year, CHOOSE 180 will [also] be releasing our documentary, Pilgrimage to the South, for public streaming. The film follows our staff as we traveled through five states in the American [South] to collectively learn from transformational leaders about the civil rights movement, advocacy, restorative justice, and healing. The film will be available to the public for streaming on Friday, April 26th – head over to watch!  

We work to break the cycle of trauma and oppressive systems, and instead focus on healing, restoration, and possibility. We believe that young people are possibilities to be developed, not problems to be solved.

Supporting inclusive, representative democracy and civic engagement in 2024

In 2024, the PGB committee chose a theme focused on strengthening inclusive and representative democratic institutions and encouraging civic engagement. It’s a global super-election year, with more than half of the world’s population voting across 65 countries. We believe that true social change occurs when all voices are heard. Throughout this year, Panorama staff will recommend organizations aligned with this theme: create pathways for inclusive and representative democracy and civic engagement around the world.  

Giving back year-round

Panorama and our employees are dedicated to shaping the world we want to live in, whether through organizational donations, employee-driven charitable giving, or volunteering in our communities. Follow us on social media as we celebrate Global Volunteer Month this April, and stay tuned as we closely monitor elections worldwide throughout 2024.  

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