Combatting COVID-19 and Preparing for Future Pandemics

Combatting COVID-19 and Preparing for Future Pandemics

The Pandemic Action Network

The Pandemic Action Network is an example of Panorama's role as an issue catalyst. Co-founded by Panorama’s CEO, the Network’s mission is to drive collective action to bring an end to COVID-19 and ensure the world is better prepared for emerging pandemic threats.

In 2018, a group of advocates passionate about the need to raise awareness for pandemic preparedness began convening regularly to develop and execute a unified policy and advocacy strategy around this important issue. When COVID-19 hit, this informal working group quickly formed what is now the Pandemic Action Network.

Since inception, the Network has grown to include more than 90 multi-sector partners and is accelerating a more equitable response to COVID-19, including advocacy for access to tests, treatments, and vaccines.

The Network has also spearheaded communications campaigns to help control COVID-19, including:


The #MaskingForAFriend campaign encouraged the adoption of mask-wearing and was launched in the U.S. with an initial set of influencers, including actors Annie Potts and Sophia Bush, and former Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. As momentum continued, the Network strategically engaged other trusted voices to reach Black and conservative communities.


The #WorldMaskWeek campaign was a rallying point that gave leaders and organizations a platform to declare the value of masking on policy and behavior levels. The campaign reached over 3.5 billion people in 117 countries. A policy briefing, “Why Masks Matter,” was also published to explain the growing global evidence for wearing a mask in public.

Award Finalist: PR Week recognized Pandemic Action Network as a finalist for “Healthcare Campaign of the Year.”


The #AfricaMaskWeek campaign was fueled by cross-sector partnerships and core partners, including the Africa CDC, the African Youth Front on Coronavirus, the African Union Office of the Youth Envoy, and Resolve to Save Lives. More than 304 million people were reached in 50 out of 54 African countries, earning an 18 percent increase in mask-wearing posting activity on social media.

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