Hallie McCormick

Program Coordinator
Hallie McCormick

HallieMcCormick is the Program Coordinator for the Image-Based Sexual Abuse Initiative at Panorama Global. She is supporting the Initiative’s efforts to eliminate non-consensual imagery from the internet. She has a master’s degree in International Policy Studies from the Middlebury Institute ofInternational Studies in Monterey, CA and two bachelor’s degrees in PoliticalScience and Portuguese from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

Hallie’s background is a mix of non-profit, communications, and government experience. During her fellowship with a social impact enterprise, Hallie worked to expand access to health care services in São Paulo, Brazil.  During her AmeriCorps placement at a mission-based charter school, she focused on improving education outcomes for urban Native youth in New Mexico. Although she has also worked as an editor and freelance writer, Hallie’s passion is advocating against gender-based violence. She has worked extensively with organizations and individuals who have experienced the entire sexual violence spectrum. Her previous roles include frontline services at a rape crisis center; interviewing survivors who were sexually abused in the Boy Scouts; and improving rape kit testing protocols to eliminateNew Mexico’s backlog and center survivors in the process.

Hallie enjoys reading and cooking and has too many plants. She is currently based in her hometown of Albuquerque.

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